Meyer parrot good with children?

by Clair
(Spokane, Wa)

Are Meyer parrot good pets and good with children? My daughter is 10 and does very good with her cockatiel. As he is getting older, we are thinking of adding to the family. Thank you

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Dec 28, 2011
Meyer parrot good with children?
by: Linda

Since your daughter is old enough for a bird and already has some experience, the Meyers will be a good choice. Do not put the birds together in a cage as they will not get along. Keep both in separate cages and allow them to get to know each other while playing out on a playtop. Have your daughter keep a close eye on both of them whenever they are out together to make sure they get along.

The Meyers is an African bird while the Cockatiel is an Australian bird, so have her watch for any differences in opinion. Most times, in a pet type situation, birds from different countries of origin will become friends. When breeding they like to be with others of their kind or at least from their countries of origin. It does not matter that the birds were raised in the States because countries of origin are an inherited personality trait that has nothing to do with where birds were actually bred. All parrots are exotic wild animals so they keep all their genetic coding for species and where they originated.

Good luck and let us know how everything is going,

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