Meyer Parrot or Conure for Apartment dweller

by Audra Calao
(Wall, NJ)

I have an opportunity to adopt a Meyer Parrot or a Conure. I live in an apartment. Since I am not familiar with any type of bird other than a cockatiel or a lovebird, which is more suitable for my place of dwelling?

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Jun 12, 2010
by: Anonymous

i have a six year old meyers girl and the git screems constantly and all day long and only stops to eat and sleep a complete pain in the arse,dont get one of these as they will drive you insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apr 11, 2009
meyers vs gc
by: Anonymous

I purchased a 2 year old meyers parrot a year ago and I also was concerned about the noise level since I live in an old (paper thin walls) apartment. I had a green cheek conure for 7 years before he died in Katrina... his personality was a bit mixed... one day he'd love you, the next he'd be ready to attack (always was a bit nippy, and probably because I got him from a pet store and he was not interacted with much as a youngin). As far as loudness goes, he would occasionally screech and was certainly louder than my cockatiel (which survived Katrina and is now a ripe old age of 15).
My Meyers, however, is the apple of my eye. She will have her screeching fits if she knows I'm in the apartment but not in the same room with her, but those fits are super rare. Overall, any noise she makes is a quiet whistle. Also, her personality is way more even tempered. Especially if you are a first time bird owner, I'd go with the Meyers parrot or a Senegal.

Oct 29, 2008
Meyer's may be the best
by: Anonymous

The conure is usually very loud compared to the Meyer's. Some other birds to consider is the lovebird or Bourke's parakeet...Both them are very quiet.

Oct 22, 2008
Meyer's Parrot or Conure for apartment?
by: Tracie

They both can make enough noise to bother your neighbors if you have thin walls. I would suggest that you keep the bird against an outside wall and check with your neighbor if you have thin walls about possible noise.

My Green Cheeks make enough noise that I can hear them at the other end of a very long house with 3 doors closed between them and me. People claim that GC's are not loud, I guess they mean in comparison to Cockatoos!

I have a Rosey Bourke's Parakeet that is quiet. He is also the smartest and sweetest bird in our house. He was hand fed and well socialized as a baby. Even when we added another Bourke's to the cage he preferred us and would not give the other bird the time of day.

Another nice bird is the Lineolated Parakeets. They have a reputation of staying tame even if you don't hold them every day. Budgies will often get wild quick if you do not spend enough time with them.

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