Meyers Parrot acting strange

by Nikki

This morning when I uncovered my Meyers Parrot's cage he kinda went all crazy. He came out of his cage like he usually does but then he started flapping his wings and running all over the cage top.

I gave him his morning fruit and he ate it as usual but then when I picked him up he was a little reluctant to step up...he just wanted to rub his beak all over my hand. He finally stepped up but then on my shoulder he kept making these weird sounds and still rubbing his beak vigorously along my shoulder and arm.

Is this normal? Is he just bonding? Trying to mate? I don't know. We adopted him from a rescue 2 weeks ago and per the rescue, he is a proven male with no medical conditions or problems. He shows no lack in appetite so I'm not incredibly worried, just wondering what this new behavior might be? Thanks!

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Jan 27, 2012
Meyers Parrot acting strange
by: Linda

He could have been frightened by something in the night and needs extra reassurance.

Breeding behavior is not a big deal, and this is not it anyway. Birds also do not ever have to be bred because breeding only adds to the crowded market with so many birds ending up in abusive and neglectful homes. For every parrot who finds a good forever home, there may be hundreds thrown away like trash with people who abuse and neglect their needs on a regular basis. Breeding is part of the problem, not the solution.

Breeding bahavior is normal and not anything to get all upset over when you see it. Birds are exotic wild animals and part of this wildness is the breeding behaviors which are actually quite beautiful to watch. They do not mean a bird wants a mate, they simply mean a bird is sexually mature and shows it from time to time.

So, find out what could have frightened your bird in the night and fix the problem. Birds need a quiet place in which to sleep up to 12 hours a day. This means they cannot be in same room with lights, people or TV's or other noises. They need rest in a quiet, safe place away from lights, tv's computers, radios and other noisy distractions. Tired, worn out birds will not behave as they should during the day because they are very tired and want to be left alone. Provide a quiet sleeping place and plenty of rest, and your bird should get back to normal. If not, then you have to take him to be examined by an Avian Vet. Unless you saw recent paperwork from the rescue place, consider that he has not been examined in a long time or at all. Few rescues can afford to take their birds to an Avian Vet depending on how many birds they have. I'd make sure of his health by taking him to an Avian Vet as quickly as is possible.


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