Christine's Meyer's Parrot is a sweet re-homed bird.

Meyer's Parrot picture

Meyer's Parrot photo Meyer's Parrot Picture

I love living with Gigi. I thought I was making a mistake at first because she was previously owned and I didn't know how she would adapt to mysurroundings but she adapted well and even loves my dog.

She is truly a sweet bird, no temper, a bit nippy towards men but I'm working on that. She LOVES water and sitting with me outside.

When I go to the groomer she doesn't bite or fight. The groomer said I was very lucky to have her and that she is really sweet.

She says a couple words but its mostly sounds and noise that she will pick up first. When I talk to her she will respond in her own way. She is very cute and she will also answer the phone, say some hellos and some oks.

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