Meyer's Parrot Mood Swing

by Susan

I have a Meyer's Parrot who is 26 months old. She's great - socially confident, talkative, playful. Yesterday, she because very agressive - almost like someone has turned on a switch.

Our usual evening routine is that I take her out of her daytime cage, we sit quietly for a little while and then I bring her/him up to her sleeping cage. Last night while we were sitting, she bit me - drawing blood and hanging off my finger. I tried to ignore it, but she kept attaching, had her wings puffed out (she/he's not flighted) and biting.

I toweled the bird and put her in her sleeping cage. This morning, she was her usually self in the sleeping cage - calling to get up and have breakfast. As soon as her cage was open, she lunged after me - fluttered all round the house trying to bite. I put her in her daytime cage.

She came out in the afternoon OK, and after about 30 minutes -wicked biting, couldn't catcher her - hiding under tables, lunging for me, etc. I quietly toweled her and put her to bed saying all the usually night-night stuff.

I don't want her to be stressed, and I'm not sure how to handle it. Her routine is the same, no changes in food, my clothing, household items, etc. I've read that Meyer's don't reach sexual maturity until 3, so he/she's a little young.

What can I do to calm her? She was just at the vet's on Tuesday and all checked out OK - She didn't go nuts until Thursday.....

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Apr 23, 2008
Moody Meyer's
by: Tracie

It is so hard to say what might be wrong. I think it could be hormones, but it could just be that something changed in your house that you haven't noticed.

Recently someone wrote about their bird suddenly becoming aggressive. After a long look, they realized that it started when they put new salt and pepper shakers on the table that looked like Cardinals.

Once they removed the shakers, everything went back to normal.

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