Meyers Parrot regurgitation

by Joy Hutton
(Toronto, ON)

I have a 21 year old Meyers, not sure of the sex of the bird but just this week he has been regurgitating his food over his perch. He seem fine, talking flying eating and just had him to the vet for beak and toe trim and weight and everything seems fine. Just not sure why he has decided to reguritate. Any suggestions. Droppings haven't changed other then a bit smaller then usual otherwise no change in him. Any suggestions.

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Mar 21, 2011
Meyers Parrot
by: Joy Hutton

Linda thank you for your post, it turns out my Meyers most likely has crop infection after having him in the vets over the wkn. However, the lab test results will be back in 5 days or so. His blood work is fine. So now I have him home he's not eating very much but hopefully after 24 hours at home things will improve.

Mar 18, 2011
Meyers Parrot regurgitation
by: Linda

Parrots do this sometimes to show affection for a toy or a person. As long as you do not see any undigested food in this, he is okay. If you are seeing any undigested food, then this points to a very serious infection of the viral nature and would need to be diagnosed and treated immediately.

Otherwise, keep an eye on him and make sure that he does not do this often and have undigested food in the mix.


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