Meyers Parrot

by Jason

My parrot drank some of my coffe this morning. I have no idea how much. What can I do?

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Apr 11, 2010
Meyers Parrot
by: Linda

I think it will be okay, and unless you start seeing symptoms of poisoning, then you are in good shape. DO NOT ALLOW HIM, EVEN BY ACCIDENT, TO DRINK COFFEE OR TEA AGAIN THOUGH AS THESE ARE NOT GOOD FOR BIRDS AND CAN CAUSE PROBLEMS WITH KIDNEYS. When you are drinking your coffee, keep bird in his cage until you are done would be my best recommendation.Also do this when you are eating as parrots do not need to be eating ANY PEOPLE FOOD. They need to be eating organic, high quality pellets and a little fruit and veggies. In other words, they need to eat and drink like a bird because human food is usually high in salt, processed sugar and fat all of which are poison to birds of all species.

So, keep an eye on his for at least 24 hours for any unusual physical symptoms which would be anything out of the ordinary for your bird. If you see anything like this, please get him to an Avian Vet as an emergency fast. He most likely only drank a little bit, and it should not hurt him.I've had mine do this, and they would only get just a tiny taste, and all was well.

Thanks for writing,

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