Mickey scared to come out

by Megan

Hi i've had my baby budgie Mickey for a week today pretty sure its a girl as the cere is light blue with white around the nostrils (i read somewhere that this means its a girl) Anyway i have started to teach her to come onto my finger which she does almost every time now but when i take her out of the cage she usually jumps straight back in.Occasionally she will stay out on my finger and i give her some millet spray as a reward but she only stays out sometimes. I wanted to know if she will ever enjoy coming out or if she will always be so scared. Also i wanted to know how to get her to eat fruit and vegies. I've tried cutting them up tiny and mixing them with her food but she knows and just won't eat any of it i've also tried just sticking a wedge of it between the bars but she won't touch that either any tips on that would be helpful. Thanks.

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May 26, 2009
Mickey the Budgie
by: Linda

Megan, if you've only had him a week, he is still getting used to you and his new home. Don't rush him, and let him take his time getting used to all the new things.If top of cage is flat, get him a play top for cage where he has perches, food and water dishes, and places to hang toys. If your husband is handy, he could make him one using appropriate sized perches made out of either manzanita or pine dowels. The ones already made can also be set up on dining room tables. Give him a while longer to feel comfortable and safe in your home. Remember how small he is to how large you are (pretend YOU are the Budgie and he is YOU).

Budgies do not eat really wet fruit like oranges and such. They like very little bits of apple, banana and a little baked sweet potato would not hurt him. He can eat small amounts of dark green leafy veggies too. I'm saying small amounts which means 1/4tsp to 1/2tsp cut up in Budgie bite-size pieces. If he eats too much fruit, he will get digestive upsets and/or not eat his regular diet. Also, if he's on an all seed diet, start changing him over to a good organic pellet(size appropriate) like Harrison's, which Tracie carries out here. She also carries a wonderful Harrisons Birdy Bread mix which my Amazons love. You'll need to buy the organic Red Palm Oil that is out here for the oil it calls for. Usy only egg whites for the two eggs it calls for. The oil will need to be set, in its bottle, in warm water until it is liquid, so you can pour into measuring spoon. It is oil in its natural state and not the hydrogenated stuff bought at the grocery store which is bad for humans and for other animals and birds.

I think you are correct about the sex of Budgie. Her cere should change to white or off white and then change to a shade of brown when she is of breeding age(2 years) if a female. Males of breeding age have blue ceres. When little, males have purple ceres which change to blue. Baby hens have the blue/white combination changing to mostly white or cream and then to brown.

While she is still young is the time to change over to a more nutritional pelleted diet. Read package carefully and follow their instructions for changing seed eaters over. If you need further information about change overs, go out to http://www.harrisonsbirdfoods.com where you will find a wealth of information about the process. (Please read this Switching Birds to Pellets article. )

Also, if she has not been to see a vet, she needs a checkup to make sure she has no infections or parasites.

Send us a picture of her when you can and good luck and God bless!

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