middle-age, orange-winged Amazon beginning to look scruffy

by Tom Benfey
(Tewksbury, MA)

we found her 20 odd years ago in an apple tree. According to her ring, she was wild-caught (so probably already 15+ years old then?). She has the flight of the house and only sleeps in her cage at night. As long as we've had her, she's had a diet of sunflower seeds, grapes, apples, clementines, romaine lettuce, cheese, crackers (won't touch any other seeds but wants to eat what the rest of the family has on the table -- including Guinness and gin & tonic).
Has molted naturally all these years but during the last year her "underwear" is showing more and more through her wings on the back. (Note, she's not feather plucking.)

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Jul 06, 2010
No alcohol for birds!
by: The Avian Vet

She has nutritional deficiencies and probably liver damage from the alcohol. Stop giving her alcohol. Switch her to a pellet diet like Harrison's, give her full spectrum lighting, and TAKE HER TO SEE AN AVIAN VETERINARIAN. This is only going to get worse without attention.

Dr B

Jul 05, 2010
Amazon parrot looking scruffy
by: Tracie

I have asked our Avian vet to answer this, so he should answer in within a couple of days.

In the meantime, I know that just because you mentioned that your bird wants to eat from your table and drink alcohol, that it doesn't mean that you allow your bird to do this. Just in case, make sure that you are NOT allowing your bird to drink alcohol and that you only share healthy food appropriate for your parrot, such as veggies that don't have butter etc.

You did not mention pellets, and our avian vet suggests that you feed your bird 80% pellets and only 20% healthy snacks. His favorite pellets are Harrison's pellets.

There is an article on our Parrot Training page that you can read if you need help switching your bird to pellets.

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