The Mini Macaw has a big parrot personality packed into a medium-sized body.

Severe Macaw

Learn more about the instinctive behavior of the Mini Macaw parrot and what they need to be healthy happy companions.

The Mini Macaw parrots are very much like the larger macaws in intelligence and child-like personalities. They usually have larger vocabularies, and play much more like the conures.

If you want a macaw but are short on space, leery of big beaks, and want less mess, then you will love having one of these parrots. There are a few different minis’ to pick from that range in size and coloration.

Every Mini Macaw has the ability to talk, cuddle, entertain you and steal your heart. If you provide your feathered companion with a well balanced diet, a clean environment, a variety of toys to chew and attack, and plenty of quality time to play with their human flock, you will most likely have a wonderful bird.

All of Mini Macaws are very smart. Many owners have had success potty training their Mini Macaw. They usually love to bath or shower, sometimes with you. They are loud at times, so it is advised that you spend time with the species you wish to adopt to see if you can handle the volume.

My mother adopted a Hahn’s Macaw when he was about a year old. He was cuddly and quiet for the most part. When he became breeding age, he started screaming every time she left the room or when anyone he didn’t know came to visit. Sadly she took him back to the breeder she purchased him from.

If she had patiently worked with him, he would have grown out of this behavior, but she suffered from frequent migraines and she did not have the patience at her age. If you don’t think you will be able to endure the “terrible twos” then adopt an older bird and spend time with it to see if you will get along.

To encourage a Mini Macaw to bond to more than one person, and to not be a fearful bird, it needs to socialize with more than one person on a regular basis and be put in a variety of circumstances.

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Another factor to consider is boredom. You need to provide plenty of toys for your parrot to attack and also some to destroy. We have some toys at competitive prices on our Parrot Bird Toy page.

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Common Mini Macaw Species

Hahn’s / Noble Macaws look a lot like a Blue Crown Conure with a red patch on their shoulder. They are generally green with blue on their forehead, a white bare patch around their eyes and a dark gray beak.

The Noble Macaw looks and acts the same as the Hahn’s accept the upper mandible is orange-yellow colored.

Illeger's Macaws are small, around 16-17", Their plumage is mostly green with the forehead and sides of abdomen and lower back orange-red to red. The crown is blue; the head, nape, and cheeks are greenish-blue; the wings are blue with blue primary-coverts and bluish-green edges; and the under wing-coverts olive-green. The tail feathers are blue with reddish-brown tips and olive-yellow underside.

Females have less red coloration than males. Their typical Macaw naked facial patch is lightly striped with very fine feather lines, and the iris is orange-brown. The bill is black and Illiger's Macaws have flesh colored legs.

Immature Illiger's Macaws have paler plumage than adults, less red on the forehead, and horn colored edges to the bill.

The Illiger's Macaw is a medium noisy bird with a loud shrill call that some people can not take. They do best in a multi-bird household if the owner will not be able to spend a good deal of time with them. (Please keep in mind that they live 50-60 years.)

Severe Macaws are generally green with blue on their crown, rusty brown color on their foreheads, cheeks and down around under their chins, with little feathers decorating their mostly bare facial patch around their eyes. They have blue on their wings and upper side of their tail feathers. The under-wing coverts and carpal edge are red.

A Severe that is well socialized when it is very young, will probably not become a “one person” bird, but it may still pick a favorite. They are very affectionate with their human companions and will likely repeat many things they say, whether they like it or not.

Yellow-Collared Macaws are mostly green with a black forehead, brownish-black on the cheeks and chin, a yellowish-white bare facial patch around the eyes, with blue on the tail and the primary and secondary wing feathers. The yellow collar, for which they are named, on the back of their neck will vary in size and width on each bird.

These birds are said to not do well in homes that are noisy or have small children. They have a tendency to be nervous in active environments.


You should provide no more than 80 percent of the Mini Macaw's diet with top-quality pellets. We like the Totally Organics Pellets because they are 100% organic and they don't even have artificial vitamins in them. This is important if you have a bird with allergies. We also like Harrison's Organic Pellets.

I suggest that you pick one that is organic and not artificially dyed. Anything artificial has to be cleansed by the kidneys before it can be used. A lot of pellets are just junk.

Switching Birds To Pellets article

The other 20 percent of their diet should consist of some seed blend along with dehydrated or fresh colorful vegetables, beans, rice and a little fruit, again preferably organic. Remember that the chemicals sprayed and fed to plants have to be cleansed by their tiny kidneys. The Totally Organics All In One Seed Mix is a great choice!

CAUTION: Never give your parrot alcohol, avocado or chocolate - these can kill your parrot! Also avoid asparagus, eggplant, cabbage, caffeine products, junk food, milk and cream, raw potato, and rhubarb (including the leaves).

No matter what the pellet manufacturers want you to believe, parrots that have a variety of fresh healthy foods are much happier and healthier.

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Dehydrated Fruit and Vegetable Parrot Mixes

When fresh fruits and vegetables are not possible, dehydrated fruits and vegetables are great! Many birds love to crunch on dried fruits and veggies.

The best thing about them is that they don't spoil, so you can leave them in the cage for hours or even days. This is handy when you are trying to get them to accept fruits and veggies.

When you are going to be home with them, you can moisten them with warm water to provide fresh-like fruits and veggies. Boy does this come in handy when you are traveling or on an outing!

Fresh Water

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Lixit Water Bottle

We provide bath water in the morning and sometimes in the evening on warm days, but we only leave it in there one to two hours so that they don’t drink nasty water all day.

Do invest in a water bottle. You will avoid lots of potential health problems by insuring they have clean water to drink that hasn’t been bathed and pooped in.

If your parrot has not used a water bottle before, you will need to provide both a water bottle and a dish until you see that they are drinking from the bottle.

Lixit makes a glass water bottle that has a wire instead of a spring that keeps it on the cage if you are worried about safety. (Some birds get their foot or beak stuck in the spring attachment on other bottles.)

Cage Requirements

Here are some cages you can get

Large Parrot Bird Cage

The Mini Macaw needs a lot of room to climb and play. They need lots and lots of toys and they need to be rotated out so they don’t get bored.

Consider getting a cage with a playpen on top for them to play on when you are home. The more room they have the happier they will be. Our play top cages have a toy hook attached they are sure to enjoy.

Your Mini Macaw should have a minimum of a 20x20x24 cage. If they are going to be home alone all day, they need enough room for a variety of toys and room to swing and play between them. Large Parrot Bird Cage Some will argue with me and say that they should be in a small cage so that they will be happy to get out and play with you. We have not found that to be an issue with our birds.

If your Mini Macaw considers you their flock, they are going to want to come out and be with you. It really depends on the amount of time you devote to your feathered friend as to how sweet and lovable they will be.

Cages for Vet Visits and Outings

You need to consider what type of carrier you will use for transporting your Mini Macaw in. You never know if you might break down or may decide to take your parrot with you on a trip. Purchase a comfortable cage for these occasions.

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Pictures and stories of Mini-Macaws

Below are some pictures and stories written by owners of mini-macaw parrots. Please visit our Parrot Stories page if you would like to read more stories.

Hahns macaw - Kiwi / Mini Macaw Hahns Kiwi

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