Mini Macaw

by Lisa Diehl
(Cleveland, GA )

I have a mini (yellow collared) macaw who went to the vet today to get a beak trim. He was born witha crooked beak and the vet is trying to do a series of trims to correct the beak.

This is a parrot who gets easily stressed. When I brought him back home, he started vomiting clear liquid. He has been very healthy up to now - I am concerned. I called the vet and he said the vomiting is probably due to stress. Can stress cause vomiting in birds? He is very sweet and I never seen him do this before. He seems to be ok with his balance but he does not want to eat. Anyone have any ideas?

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Aug 18, 2010
Mini Macaw
by: Lisa

Actually, the vet thinks the macaw ingested some of the silver nitrate that was used to help the beak stop bleeding.

Our baby mini got hydrated by the vet yesterday and he is scarfing down baby bird food as well. He is on antibiotics, pain med and a med that will coat the crop and help it heal.

It seems the feeding of the baby food encouraged him to start to eat again. Isn't that weird? After his first feeding last night, he started eating pellets again and he did not throw them up. We will continue with the meds and the feedings. Hopefully, he will be better soon.

Aug 14, 2010
Mini Macaw
by: Linda

A parrot cannot go more than a few hours without eating and drinking. If the Avian Vet trimmed the beak back a little too far, it can be a bit sore on the end. Keep a close eye on him, and take him back to the Avian Vet if he has not begun to eat pretty quickly. Also, did the Avian Vet do tests to see if he has any kind of infections? If not, then he needs to do them to make sure there is no infection working here. A throat swab will tell if there is a bacterial infection and various others will tell about viral infections.If he is sick, the beak work will make him much sicker, so get it checked out if you have not already.

I think his beak may be sore, so try and get him to eat something softer like banana to see if he can eat that. If he even refuses something the Macaws love like bananas, he is in need of another trip to the vet immediately. Do not try and feed him any people food loaded with salt, sugar and fat. Offer him soaked pellets, banana and maybe even some high quality whole grain bread in small quantities.

Keep a close eye on him because they have to have water all the time and food at least twice a day and cannot go very long without both.


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