Misbehaving Sun Conure

by Christine
(Worcester, MA)

Hi I adopted a Sun a few months ago. He is very cuddly and likes to be out and about with the family. He has bonded with me and will sit on my head or shoulder as I go about chores etc.

Recently though he does not seem to want to go back to his cage. I taught him the phrase "go home" to indicate it is time to return to his cage. He was responding to "time to go home" or "do you wanna go home". I would put out my finger and say "step up" he would step on my finger and then either stay on my finger until I brought him to the cage or he would fly to the cage.

Now when I approach him he flies away. How do I break him of this habit.

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Oct 06, 2011
Wing trimmed
by: Anonymous

He is clipped....but due for a trim soon. I like the treat idea. I will try that.

Oct 03, 2011
Bird doesn't want to return to cage
by: Tracie

You can have his wings trimmed so he can't fly away. Then you can save a special treat for the bird to get when it returns to it's cage, as a reward.

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