miss susan green questions

by miss susan green
(united kingdom)

hi i own 5 budgies 1 cockatial who i need to know will she be happy to live the rest of her life with the budgies or do i get her another mate? i sadly lost toffee last saturday she is in an indoor aivery with my 5 budgies. i have an african grey 4yrs old called roger who mimics my dogs and the small birds sings good mourning give us a kiss bye bye but enjoys doing silly noises the best,he will go to all most any one only couple people he dont like,when i look after jo jo my brothers african grey roger is ok but jo jo 7yrs fluffs up and scares him she deff dont like him but after a wk { i have her 4wks of the year }its funny to see her watch roger they will eat and look at each other across the room but thats about as freindly as she will get. mind you the 1st wk she is so moody she tries so hard to bite me she loves her mom and dad . for the 1st time i bought roger a toy wich i had to put outside his cage for a wk were normaly i can put it straight in,off course he kills it in a couple days does any one know of a parrot toy that lasts a bit longer? a month would be nice

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Jul 20, 2009
Getting your bird another mate
by: Tracie

I don't think you can be sure your bird will accept another mate. You might end up with another bird in another cage or something.

If you decide to do this, then just be prepared for them to not like each other just in case.

As far as answering about the happiness of the bird, it is hard to say. I would think it would like another bird of it's own species to communicate with, but then again it might be content with the birds you have.

I am sorry for your loss.

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