by fiona hayes

wot size cage do i need for african grey parrot

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Sep 26, 2008
Cage size
by: Lewis

I bought a hybrid cage by cages by design. It is very large and lets face it my Smokey going to be living in a cage his whole life so why not give your grey the biggest cage possible our cage is 6 feet height 5 feet wide and 2 1/2 feet deep they come in all sizes and are real nice. Also they have sliding doors so it makes clean up a breeze.


Sep 26, 2008
cage size
by: Lori

As an african grey owner I really disagree with a 24x20 cage size. Especially if he will spend most of the day in a cage. I think 32x24 would be the minimun size so that you could fit a varity of perches and toys and still have room to move without breaking feathers. I have a 38x32 but I realize alot of people don't have room for a cage that size. As Tracie said, get the biggest you can afford. I would also reccomend a seed skirt.

Sep 25, 2008
Size cage needed for an African Grey
by: Tracie

I would think a 24 x 22 would be the minimum cage size. Purchase the largest cage you can afford and have room for. That way you will be able to put lots of toys and perches and the bird will get plenty of exercise.

Think about being in a room for the rest of your life. You would want the biggest room you could have wouldn't you?

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