Missing and Swollen on his back Feathers Gone

by Heather
(Houston Tx)

Amazon with missing feathers

I recently was given an 28 year old yellow amazon and he had lost feathers on his back and its a huge red looks swollen wont let us touch him and the owner says no one has ever been able to? Is this normal what could it be mites? How do I l=know I cant take him to vet if no one can touch him all he does is moan and squak sounds scary?!

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Jul 06, 2011
Bird with missing feathers and swollen
by: Tracie

You can take your bird to an avian vet. They are used to handling birds that don't like humans. Just put him in a travel cage. You can put the travel cage next to his usual cage with treats inside and familiar perches etc. and let him explore it and get used to it.

Please read our Feather Damaging Behavior article that was written by an avian vet. Then please Find an Avian Vet for your bird.

Do NOT let a pet store employee talk you into mite sprays or those things you hang on the cage that can only further harm your bird. If your bird has been an indoor bird, it is highly unlikely it has mites.

It could be a bacterial infection, if the previous owner did not use a water bottle because birds that drink water from dishes have much more of a chance for bacterial infection do to the bacteria in the water.

It could be that it started picking due to stress, and it has become a habit. Either way, if it is swollen, it needs to be treated by an avian vet.

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