Missing budgie - What should I do?

by Polly
(Adelaide, South Australia)

My violet opaline budgie went missing at night 2 days ago. I was very upset and looked for her for hours. Really, I have 2 questions. One is, what should I do to attract her back? I've put her cage out, and food, but I'm worried she might be miles away by now… And the second question is, what should I do to catch her if I find her? She is very quick and always seemed to know I was going to take her out of her cage before it happened. I've heard that you need to just grab her with your hands, but we didn't get the chance to really form a bond so she definitely won't come to me if I find her in a high tree. I've also heard that you need to catch them with a net or throw a bucket of water/squirt them with the hose, but she is very fast so I couldn't do that. Please suggest things I should do for my 2 questions as I miss her and really want her back!