missing feathers around front of neck & under wings parakeet

by Alexisann

bird looks and acts fine but there are feathers missing from around front of his neck and under both wings plays and wolf whistles eats and drinks could this be mites?
If so what's best to use anything holistic that can be used
Thank you

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May 17, 2010
Dont bother with Pluck No More
by: Anonymous

It absolutely didnt work with our bird.

Expensive too.

Id invest in a vet visit first.

Editor's note: You are correct! A vet visit should come first, because Pluck No More only works if it is a behavior problem. If your bird has a health problem, the internal problem will only get worse.

Jul 19, 2009
Does she share a cage?
by: Anonymous

Could be from an attack

Oct 27, 2008
Possible bird mites
by: The Vet

This does not sound like mites. You should have him examined by an avian veterinarian to be sue, though. There is no holistic treatment that is effective. If this is mites, your veterinarian will administer a medication called Ivermectin and he will give two doses, two weeks apart.

Dr B

Oct 26, 2008
Parakeet Plucking under wings
by: Anonymous

I have read that feather plucking under the wings can be a symptom of Giardia, which can be diagnosed with a fecal smear at the avian vet. We had our Severe Macaw tested for that - he didn't have it. It could also be behavioral, in which case you can try him on Pluck No More by King's Cage Co. It is natural and worked wonders on our Grey. I'd have your parakeet checked out by the vet first, and if it's not a health related problem, try the Pluck No More. Good Luck!

Pluck No More is sold on this website: http://www.parrot-and-conure-world.com/parrot-supply.html

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