Mission Impossible - Hahn's Macaw

by Janis
(Astatula, FL)

Hahn's Macaw - Paco

Hahn's Macaw - Paco

Why, after 17 years, is my Hahn's Macaw, Paco, suddenly attacking my husband viciously? My husband always helped him with his new prickly feathers and the preening. I am the hugger.

My husband went to get Paco out of his cage the other day and Paco climbed onto his arm and then viciously attacked him. My husband has finally thrown in the towel and says he wants nothing to do with him anymore.

I thought maybe because the bird was going through a particularly bad molt and is so uncomfortable. Paco has always been a freaky bird as we don't have children and there were never a lot of people in the house. He enjoyed the company of a love bird for about 15 years. We lost our lovebird a little over 2 years ago.

I thought he was doing fine but now I'm not sure what to do. He seems to act fine with me, although he does get a little testy once in a while. I don't put up with any of his antics. Do you think he senses that my husband is afraid of him?

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Jan 28, 2013
attacking hahn's macaw
by: Anonymous

Or....it could just be that first season after the lovebird passed, your Hahn's grieved the loss of a partner. Now, second season is here, his hormones kick in, and he wants you and views hubby as competition. So, let me guess the bird is a male?

Feb 24, 2009
Hahn's Macaw behavior
by: Tracie

It is possible that he senses your husbands fear and maybe even anger. It is possible that your husband has changed deodorant or started wearing a hat. There are way too many possibilities here to say.

It also sounds like your bird may be hormonal. You can reduce the amount of daytime hours to less than 10 hours and that may help him snap out of the hormonal stage.

Another possibility is that the bird is feeling ill. Your bird should see an avian vet once a year for check ups anyway, so you might just talk to your vet and see what he/she thinks.

We have a few articles on our Parrot Training page you can read also.

I hope your bird and husband make up soon. Please remind your husband that the bird may be more frustrated than he is about the whole situation if he is hormonal.

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