Mitered Conure

by Joe Williams
(Fairborn Ohio USA)

I am trying to find out what is the coldest temperature and the warmest temperature and Mitered Conure can live in and sleep in.....

Also one of my birds have pulled all his feathers off his belly....will this effect the temperature he should be living in and sleeping in?

Thank you for your time you will take to answer my question.

Joe Williams

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Oct 23, 2009
Lowest temperature for birds
by: The Vet

Plucking can be caused by many many things. Abdominal pain is one possibility. Foreign body in the stomach, infection in the GI tract, .......... I cannot possibly cover all of the causes that have been diagnosed and proven to cause feather plucking. You should take your bird in for a work up and x-rays. Please read the Feather Damaging Behavior article on Tracie's parrot training page for more information.

As for the temperature, a bird is most comfortable at 65-80, but can tolerate down to 50. I would not keep him at that temp without a heating pad or other supplemental heat.

Dr B

Oct 22, 2009
Heat and Cold
by: Linda

Joe, a bird used to living in a temperature of 70 or so will need to be kept at that temperature. Birds have to be ACCLIMATED to differences in temperature 10 degrees or more, and it takes several seasons. People do this when putting birds in outside aviaries, and while birds are acclimating, they have to have heat of some sort. So, your birds need to be kept at a steady temperature of no less than what they have become used to. Temperature changes of 10 degrees or more will result in pneumonia and death.

Yes, your bird who has the bare belly will be unable to keep warm because of the surface being open to the chill. Keep that one covered at night, and I recommend covering all birds' cages at night as it not only helps keep them warm, it also makes them feel safe.

As for heating your home, use electric heating. If you have electric heat, that is the best. Gas space heaters are dangerous, and birds are sensitive to gas, and wood smoke as well. Since wood is not a clean burn, it pollutes the entire house even if a good flu system is in place.

I don't know why you were asking the question, but keep your birds at the temperature they have been accustomed to or you will have sick birds. Drastic changes in temperatures, water, food and such will cause serious problems with birds.


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