Mites on parakeets

Dear Doctor,
My pair of Parakeets (adults)seems to have got scaley wart like appearances on their legs and claws. Based on the research I did, it appears to be mites. The birds seem healthy and active expect that they scratch themselves a lot now. I have another pair of very young parakeets in seperate cage. what treatment can I give to the adult birds to get rid of the mites and what measures must I take to prevent it from affecting the younger birds?


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May 31, 2013
by: Alex

You SHOULD NOT try and treat you birds with anything not prescribed by an avian vet and most meds sold by pet stores can ham or kill your birds as they are just money making.

Your birds will need to see an avian vet to get a confirmed diagnosis and then the vet can treat and prescribe accordingly.

It is most likely if they have mites that all birds they come in to contact with will have them too, even if they do not yet show signs.

I would suggest getting an appointment ASAP as the birds can deteriorate and they could do serious damage to themselves tying to get at the irritation.

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