by Jessica

My budgie has mites bad. My husband and I have treated him several times in the past three weeks. We have cleaned his cage thrown away all toys and gotten. New ones. And have washed the cage very well. We keep spraying him with 8 in 1 mite spray but it doesn't seem to be helping.

There off of his back and head now but they are still bad under his wing. Its to the point that he has picked his right wing bald underneath. We continue to treat it but I'm concerned about his health if they don't go away soon. Can you suggest anything that may help him get rid of the mites faster? Also is there anything we can do to help his wing heal?

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May 16, 2012
for bird mites
by: Anonymous

Generally a bird that eats chili peppers regularly will never have mites :) It keeps them away so chop up some red chillies, leave the seeds in & try & encourage your budgie to eat these. He is more likely to go for the seeds more than the flesh. If he loves chilli, give it to him every day. It is so full of good things for your budgie.

The next thing to do is get some dome fresh gum (eucalyptus) leaves, flowers & nuts & branches if you. Place these in your budgies cages on a regularly basis & let your budgie have some fun chewing & eating them. You can also get a handful of fresh leaves & crush them & add them to your budgies cage or food dish or water bowl.

These are both very common ways mites are kept away in Australia & they are 100% successful & both VERY healthy for your budgie.

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