Molly, the Spotted Cockatiel

by Chloe Bugbee
(Sandusky, Ohio)

I have never liked parrots, until I saw a one called a 'Cockatiel.' The Cockatiel was gray with a yellow head and two red circles on each side of it's beak.

One day at school all the children got to see this big beautiful Blue and Gold macaw named Kelly. The man that was holding her, threw Kelly up into the air. Kelly flew around the school! She was so pretty! When I came home I hopped right on the computer and starting looking up 'Blue and Gold macaws.' I ran to my mom's room, I told her to 'come here!' My mother hopped off her bed and follwed me. I showed her the macaw and she really wasn't happy. She said to me "Chloe, you know thats a big bird right? And Chloe, when did you start liking birds?" I answered both of those qustions.

In December 24th 2009, I got an early Christmas present from my mom and dad. It was a gray Cockatiel! I thought up a name for him and it was Albert. Albert got quickly used to us. He can say 'pretty bird!' I love him so much and I took good care of him! But I wanted another parrot.

A month later my family and I went to 'Petco' to get some food for our cat, Pippin and our four dogs Domino, Ginger,Benji,Cinnamn and also our one parrot, Albert. I looked around for 'Cockatiel food' and I see a bird cage with three Cockatiels in it! One of them was all spotty and the others looked more cinnamon. I showed my dad. He also like the spotty Cockatiel too! My mom came walking by to see what my dad and I were doing. I told her I want trade a 'macaw' her this spotty Cockatiel. My mother told my dad and I to look for a helper. We found one and asked if she would help. I showed her the Cockatiel I wanted, she looked at me. She told me all about this Cockatiel is was a girl!

When I got home with my new Cockatiel I named, Molly I insantly put her in a cage (we had in the garage.) I put food and water in the cage with Molly. Molly ate the food down so quickly I had to fill it up again! Molly also slept a lot, always puffy, and eating a lot! I knew there was something wrong, but my mom kept saying there wasn't.

Then four days I have gotten her, I was walking to my room, I checked the birds and I found Molly's head in the water bowl! I picked her body up and moved her to the bottom. I told my mom and dad. My dad walked with me and grabbed a towel. I picked Molly's body up and set her on the towel. My dad and I walked back to the kitch and set Molly on the table. I dad said she was still alive! But five minutes later she left us. I was so sad, I didn't go to school the next day. I loved Molly, Albert loved her, my family loved her, I bonded with her and I knew she loved me.

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Apr 13, 2011
Cockatiel died
by: Tracie

Thanks for sharing your story. I am sorry for your loss. :-( If you get another bird, try to find a good breeder to purchase from. Often they are hand tame and should be healthy. Make sure the breeder has a clean environment and takes their birds to the avian vet.

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