Molting Eclectus

by Linn
(FT. McCoy, FL)

We have a female Eclectus that is three years old. She started to molt and is having trouble completing the process, therefore she is starting to look bad. She has all the proper feed and water with vitamins. She also likes to eat some of our food, but we have to cut her back because she would only eat our food if we let her.

Do you have any suggestions as to what we should be doing?

Thank you

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Jan 26, 2008
by: Anonymous

There is a web site on yahoo type in feeding feathers it is a great web site it is free the ladys are great and they will help you with your problem

Jan 23, 2008
molting eclectus

I would give her frequent baths at least 3 a week. I am concerned about the water with vitamins, most eclectus have efficient digestive systems so they do not need vitamin supplemnts if they are getting a varied and balanced diet.
She might need more protein like a hard boiled egg or some cooked chicken meet a couple of times a week as that will help her body grow the new feathers. Also make sure she is getting plenty of
quiet sleep time

Jan 23, 2008
So much I didnt know either...
by: Anonymous

I had the same problem with my Ducky. He is a quaker parrot and after reading lots of information I realized this could be serious so I took her to the vet and turns out ducky wasn't molting at all but her bad bacteria levels were a little elevated and it could be caused by diet.

They are prone to secondary infections so she is on antibiotics and a gel stuff to boost her good bacteria. As for her diet, well I thought seeds were great and some other vegetables and fruit and it turns out seed should only be about ten percent of their daily diet so I had some recipes a combination of brown rice red kidney beans, sweet potato and lentils which she gets three times a day, and some pellets which I am trying to switch her over too so in the mean time. I hide them in her seed hoping she will eat them, so far no luck with that but she does love the casserole. Heheh very easy it can also be varied 2 parts brown rice 1 part beans and one part green or orange vegetable if potato or squash it has to be cooked.

I made a big batch and divided them into ice cube trays and pop out as needed and microwave for a few seconds and let cool totally. And although Ducky loves it I have to hand feed him right now cause he isn't feeling great. As for fruit it should only be about 10 percent of daily diet and ones with darker skin have more vitamins.

But if your bird is not acting right take it to the vet they can go from nothing to bad very quickly. My vet gave me a big packet with all kinds of info if you have any other questions feel free I will help if I can.

Jan 22, 2008
Molting Ekkie
by: Anonymous

You should never put vitamins in any bird's water.
Ekkies need extra calcium and Vit A in their diet. Vit A should be in the form of natural foods containing it. There is a liquid calcium available.

Jan 22, 2008
A Healthy Diet For Your Companion Eclectus Parrot
by: Kathy Heaton

Remember that feathers consist of aproximately 88 percent protein.

Quoting from:
A Healthy Diet For Your Companion Eclectus Parrot
by Laurella Desborough

"In the long run, the basic good health of your eclectus parrot depends upon what you do or do not feed the bird. Over the years, when we have received older eclectus from pet owners, we have often found that they were not in the best of health due to poor nutrition. These were loved birds, not cast offs. They received what their owners believed was a good diet. However, there were certain problems with those diets. This has caused us to be concerned about proper diet for companion eclectus. Stick to what nature has provided; it works. ..."


Kind regards,

Houston TX

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