molting green cheek conure

How can I relieve the itching?

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Oct 26, 2011
molting green cheek conure
by: Linda

Do not use any over the counter products found in pet stores because they are not safe for your bird even though package says they are. The idea with these products is to sell them and whether they are really safe or necessary is not an issue with most manufacturer's as they just want to sell you something.

All birds get a bit itchy when molting, and here is how you can help without hurting your bird.

Use a new plastic plant spray bottle--by new I mean one that has had nothing in it except plain water, so just get a new one. Label it with your bird's name so it won't be used for anything but plain water.

Use warm not hot filtered water to fill the spray bottle. Put the little dial on a finer mist or a little stronger. Hold it up above bird and allow the water to fall on bird and rest of cage kind of like a normal light rain would be in nature. You don't have to get him soaking wet, and if your house is cool, make sure he's not soaking wet. Do this once a day and it will help his new feathers come in easier plus will wash some of the itchy flakes off his skin.

Make sure you use filtered or bottled water that is warm not hot for these baths. Since you're going to be spraying above his head, regular treated tap water will not work because the chemicals burn the eyes, and you must not do this. You can just have some bottled water on hand for his baths and warm the water up a bit in a microwave safe cup where you can pour it into the sprayer. It's important to have warm water and no really hot water. Spray some on your inner arm, and if it feels too warm, then add some of the cool water from jug to balance it out.

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