Molting Green Cheek Conure

by Allie
(New York)

My green cheek conure parrot seems to be sore all over when I pet him, he twitches his whole body everytime I touch anywhere except for his head but he is molting right now and I'm wondering if it is normal that he is sore from that or if it is a serious problem?

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Aug 19, 2012
molting green cheek conure
by: Anonymous

My bird doesnt typically bathe herself just yet. So I use a spray bottle and lightly mist her thru out the day. I dont soak her down, I just mist her holding a spray bottle used for JUST her, about 6 inches above her and let the water trickle down on to her.

Never directly spray the bird. Just lightly mist it from above.

Also, my vet prescribed my bird "Sunshine Factor"
it's made with red palm oil and conditions the skin. It has all the essential vitamins a bird would need during the molting season.

Also helps keeps plumage looking beautiful.
Costs about $10 a bottle. I have an african grey and she gets .2cc once daily. For a conure I would ask a vet about doasage since it's a much smaller bird.

I also run a humidifier in the same room as my bird, this helps alieviate the itching and dry skin from itching. It does help thru the molt.

Hope this helps! GL!

Aug 18, 2012
Molting bird
by: Anonymous

My bird went through the same thing when the feathers on her head were molting. She looked like a cactus and it was hard for her to remove the white sheaths herself so she let me help her. After a while the sheaths become softer and they are easier for us to crumble and flake off. Don't pull the sheath because you might pull out the pin feather which can be painful and cause bleeding. Just pinch the sheath with your fingernails and if it's ready to come off, it will crumble like dandruff.

Aug 18, 2012
Molting bird not wanting to be petted
by: Tracie

Yes, he is likely very uncomfortable if he has pin feathers where you are trying to pet him. You can provide water for him to bathe in, and that will help the hard sheaths covering the feathers to come off. Some birds will even let people help them by gently pinching the white sheaths that are soft enough to crumble.

If you provide water for a bath, make sure you remove it within 3 hours. Water that stands for more than that in a cage will have too much bacteria and can cause bacterial infections. This is why we suggest using a Lixit water bottle for drinking.

Nobody can tell for sure that this is why your bird is acting this way over the Internet though. If you determine it is not the molting or suspect it might be something else, then you will need to get your bird to an avian vet for an exam.

You can use this Find an Avian Vet link to look for an avian vet if you don't have one.

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