Molting Green Cheek

by Jill Cohen

Will the casings (pin feathers) fall off on their own without me rubbing them. It seems there are several on the back of his neck that just won't budge. I have rubbed for a few weeks and they still seem stuck and though my bird enjoys me rubbing him he always ends up crying out if I try to pinch to help break them. Should I just let nature take its course?

I feel badly that in nature he would have a mate who could help and my fingers are too big to help him without pinching him. This is my first bird and first molt. Also, how often will he molt and how long does it last?

One more question, twice I noticed his claws so sharp as though they sharpened overnight although most times they are dull enough. This lasted a few days until I either clipped them out of necessity or he wore them down on his own. Consider this: I have fed him mangosteen fruit juice (Xango) twice and wondered if this could have had the effect of "sharpening" his nails since it makes my hair and nails grow extremely well and strong. Has anyone else noticed certain foods doing this to their birds?

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Jun 18, 2008
Molting GC
by: Tracie

Hi Jill,

The bird should finish it's molt even if it won't let you help it. Encouraging the bird to bathe is very helpful also.

Birds usually molt at the change of seasons, but they can molt at any time of year and many times during the year.

I don't know that your drink will make his nails sharp. We provide the Sweet Feet and Beak perches that we sell here for our birds to keep their nails trimmed.

We put the perches at each feeding station, the water bottle and at favorite toy sites. They are nice perches because they are smooth where the foot rests and rough where the nail lands.

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