molting i think

by Jessica Pike
(ohio united states new richmond)

my lovebird is losing feathers on her neck and it looks really weird it looks like little bones or something its really scaring me everytime i go by her cage she goes down in her little house PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!!!!!

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Jun 29, 2009
Bird with hard feather shafts
by: Tracie

Those hard things poking out are the shafts of the new feathers. Some birds get very uncomfortable and irritable during a molt like the one you are describing.

If your bird is hand tame, it is possible that it might like you to "preen" it's feathers. It is also possible that it will bite you for trying to help it preen.

One of my Green Cheeked Conures loved for me to gently "pinch" one shaft at a time between my index finger and my thumb VERY gently. If the white covering over the feather is ready to come off, it will crumble when you do this.

Also, if your bird likes baths, this is a GREAT time to let it bathe every day to soften the feather sheath.

Hopefully in the future, all the feathers will not be coming in at once around the neck. Usually, for my birds, the feathers come in randomly all over the body, and not all in one place.

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