molting vs destructive plucking of feathers

by Terri

I know my yellow napped macaw is molting. I can see the pin feathers on her, but I'm concerned if her loss of feathers could also be destructive plucking of feathers too.

I've now had Charlie for 5 weeks. We both are going through a learning curve BIG time. She's starting to trust me a lot more as long as I don't make any sudden moves and boy does she have a temper. LOL

I know I've seen cockatoos and African Grays become bald. What I'm worried about is in her transition in learning to trust me could she get so nervous that the feathers she's losing be from nervous plucking.

Also she seems to be scratching a lot. Could this be from dry skin. Can I get her something to help keep her skin moist enough?

I'd also like to better know as to what to feed her. She throws out all the pelleted food and will only eat the various seeds the mix has. She throws out the corn too. Does she need that type of seed. Being the corn is so hard should I moisten it - cooking or soaking it?

She loves her apples but only the apple flesh next to the skin. She'll throw away the rest and doesn't eat the skin. Yes, I'm washing the apple before I give her a slice of it which I have to hold for her or she won't eat it. Totally ignores it in her dish.

I know this is a long question but I've got even more questions I'll address later. Charlie has an appointment with her avian vet at the end of this month so I'll probably ask her a lot of questions too.

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Aug 17, 2015
Difference between plucking and molting
by: Tracie

If you ever see bald spots, you have room for concern. As long as your bird is simply losing feathers, all it well. Glad you have an appointment with an avian vet. :-)

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