Moluccan cockatoo bump

by Heather

My Moluccan Cockatoo Honey has a bump on his back right next to his spine and near his hips that has been there for at least a month or two. He is at least five years old and used to be a frequent feather pluckier due to what I can only guess was neglect by a previous owner and sexual frustration.

I have no idea what the bump is, but it does not seem to be bothering him. Honey does not bite at it or scratch it and he has no reaction when I rub the spot. It is about the size of a peanut or a dime.

Honey also losses at least 3-4 feathers a day when he comes inside and that also has me worried most of the time it is small down feathers and a couple of larger body feathers. I currently do not have enough money to take him to the vet. What could be wrong with Honey?

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Mar 10, 2011
Annie Bird
by: Tammi

My friend felt a bump on Annie's wing and made an appt but decided the appt was too far away - so she took her in today and found it she has cancer and is having emergency surgery to have her wing amputated. Please don't wait any longer please have you bird checked as soon as possible.

Jan 27, 2010
Moluccan lump
by: The Avian Vet

There are few things this could be, but you need to have it examined to get a definitive diagnosis. It could be the preen gland, depending on the location, this is often mistaken for a mass. It could be an ingrown feather, common in plucking moluccans. It could also be a feather cyst, or even a tumor. There is not home treatment I can recommend. A vet visit is going to be necessary.

Dr B

Jan 27, 2010
Moluccan cockatoo bump
by: Linda

Well, you are going to have to take him to an Avian Vet in your area, to have this looked at. It is quite large, and if it is a tumor will eventually start putting pressure on his spine leading to paralysis. A lot of Avian vets will allow you to pay off a bill using a time payment method. My suggestion is that you go ahead and make an appointment for him to have an exam. Allow the vet to do the proper tests and/or xrays to ascertain the nature of the lump and then when checking out, request that you be able to pay some down and the rest off for a month or so. The down payment needs to be up to half of the bill, and the rest paid off in a matter of a couple or three months depending on size of the bill.

This is kind of taking the "back door" in, and if you pay this one off successfully, they will be more apt to allow you to do this again if the need arises.

I firmly believe that people should be able to get medical services for their pets and pay on them. The problem with that is so many just skip out and do not pay the bill, so the vets end up losing money even when sent to collection services. So, if you are honored enough to receive credit like that, be sure and pay it off. We spent a year paying off a debt for a dead dog once. He had cancer, and we spent enormous amounts on him using the time payment method. So, after he had to be euthanized, we still paid $50.00 per month for a year to clear the bill. As a result, the vets are always willing to work with us on medical services for our 4 dogs. We would not be able to afford services for all 4 of them if they didn't honor us in this way.

Let us know what this turns out to be, and thank you so much for writing.


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