Moluccan Cockatoo has a ring around one of his eyes

by Robert Haas
(Gainesville, Florida)

This condition began months ago as a red eye lid, then it turned grey. This is on his upper and lower eye lids. I took him to a vet, but nothing was really diagnosed. About a month after I noticed this (the affeced eye is always away from me when he is on his perch) the lids became very hard and began lifting off, which impaired his vision.

This doesn't seem to hurt him, but I can't imagine the obstruction to his vision doesn't bother him -- although it doesn't appear to. As the "ring" began lifting I have been using large nail clippers to remove the portion in front of his actual eye. There is still a single point of connection in the middle of his top lid. The point of connection doesn't want to come loose and looks like a new feather coming out.

I haven't heard of this before and wonder if I can find out what this is.

I will attempt to take close up images if it will help.

Thank you.

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Jun 17, 2014
urgent help!
by: Anonymous

My cockatoo is already blind on one eye, now his other eye he suddenly got redish pinkish color and can't see?, He feels the urge to close it, so he cant keep it open? Anyone please help, ,whats happening? what is the condition for it and how is it treated? I cant afford going to the vet so a quick response would be much appreciated, thanks

Editor's note: This is not the place for medical help, you need to call an avian vet and ask if they will take payments.

Mar 11, 2012
Image of Bogie's Eye
by: Robert Haas

Here is a URL of my Cockatoo's eye lid. I didn't find anything definitive at the vet's office. I'm just hoping someone else may what causes this, and if there is anything I can do for Bogie. I will continue to remove the last portions as Bogie cooperates.

Editor's note: I removed the link, we do not post links because who knows what else people will add to their files that would not be appropriate for kids to see. Please post your question again and upload pictures.

Mar 07, 2012
Cockatoo eye lid problems continued
by: Anonymous


I took him to the University of Florida's avian vet clinic and they weren't sure what it is. So I thought I'd hit the internet to see if anyone else has encountered this condition.

Thanks for your input.

Mar 06, 2012
Cockatoo eye problem
by: Tracie

Please Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird right away. There is not anything we can suggest that you can treat your bird with. An avian vet will be able to diagnose what is wrong and prescribe the proper treatment.

Do NOT take your bird to a dog/cat vet, they do not have the education, training or experience to care for birds properly and even accidentally kill birds doing regular checkups.

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