money for macaws

by Alina
(East brunswick, NJ, USA)

How much should you spend on macaws?

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Sep 04, 2011
How much macaws cost
by: Tracie

That question can not be answered by anyone that might read your question. There are many different macaw species, is one of the reasons.

Do NOT buy the cheapest bird you can find, because likely it is cheap because the breeder does not take their birds to an avian vet and the bird have hidden diseases or weak immune systems and won't live long if you don't spend a great amount of money at an avian vet getting them well. Some never do get well because of the breeding situations they were raised in.

Find some breeders in your area, or a good breeder that will ship the bird you want to you. Ask for references and ask if they take the parents and the birds they sell to an avian vet. If they say yes, then do not purchase without a certificate from the avian vet stating that particular bird is healthy.

A Hahn's macaw in San Antonio TX will cost a different amount than one in Phoenix AZ, so there is no telling what the cost of the bird will be. The most important thing is how much you can not only afford now, but also in the future for yearly vet visits and any health problems that might arise in the future.

We do have a Bird breeders list here that you can look at. If there is a breeder in your area, call them even if they do not raise the bird you want. Often they can recommend a reputable breeder that does.

Also, please study all you can about the bird before you purchase it. The bird may be pretty, but maybe it is not the right bird for your home. Look at our Parrot Comparison Chart that has some general information about birds that might interest you.

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