moody budgie

by kelsey
(lakeland florida)

hi i own a 7-8 month old male budgie parakeet and he has had quite the mod swings lately he will sit on my shoulder, giving me kisses and singing to me, then out the blue he will go postal and start screeching and flapping and fluttering around and then when i go to get him to keep him from hurting himself he will fly around me and peck and bite at me i know he loves me but im completely puzzled by his behavior please help

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Jul 27, 2009
by: Linda

Something is scaring him, and since I don't know anything about your home, I can't say what. If a bird is not used to kids, dogs, cats or other pets, they will be frightened to death of them. You also need to have his Primary wing feathers trimmed, so he does not fly all around and hurt himself. Something is scaring him, so look around when this happens and see WHO is in the room or nearby.

Make an appointment with an Avian vet in your area as new birds ALWAYS need to be taken to vet for a checkup for any kind of infections and/or parasites internal or external. The vet can then show you how to trim the Primary flight feathers. This only needs doing about twice a year once they are completely through with their molts and all feathers are in place. Do not do it everytime a new feather comes in as your bird can bleed to death if you cut into a "blood feather". Also ask the vet about blood feathers so you never cut into one.

Birds take a long time to become used to any new toys, cages, foods, people and/or pets. So, look at who all is in your home, and know that he will be afraid of all of them for a while.

Also, all birds will bite when frightened or mad, so welcome to the world of parrots.

Keep us posted on what has scared him so badly.


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