More about Leo the Meyer's parrot with pictures

by Mary

Little Leo the Meyer's parrot

Little Leo the Meyer's parrot

Hello again ya'll. Just a short update about Leo and me. I was even able to get a picture this time.

I wrote a reply to ya'll last night, but I don't think I submitted it right our something. Sorry.
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Just wanted to tell everyone thank you for all of your nice comments and suggestions for Leo.

Also want to acknowledge my grandson, Dylon. He read Leo's story and has been eager to help in any way that he can, including helping me upload the picture we're subitting today.

Dylon is 13 years old and has been a focus of attack from Leo several times, but is still willing to try to make friends.

I read what Linda suggested about not locking Leo away in another room when people come over and I agree. I had never thought about how that might be adding to the problem instead of helping.

I now have a smaller cage that can be used in the living room when company comes. Keep your fingers crossed.

I also wanted to ask about having his wings clipped. I have not done that and am unsure if I should. Pros and cons might help.

I have talked to the kids about respecting Leo's space and remembering what he has been thru. They seem to understand and except for the youngest, who is 7 years old, (she is still afraid, and unwilling to try again.) We will work on that also.

Anyway, thanks again. I am going to try to submit a picture with this update. Hope to hear from ya'll soon.

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Jun 26, 2009
by: LORI

I loved your story. Bless you for saving this poor baby. I also have 2 rescued birds and one I bought from a breeder. I do recommend wing clipping but only by a professional. They need to have enough cut so they can't gain height but can glide to the floor. It helps keep them out of ceiling fans and many other dangerous situations that occure by flying in small spaces. Also with young children going in and out it can be easy for a bird to escape out a door or window.
The down side to wing clipping is if you have other animals that they might need to fly to get away from. I don't clip my african grey anymore because he would hit the floor with a splat beak first and I was afraid he might crack his beak or break bones. He never has been able to fly very well anyway but I don't take him outside unless he is in a carrier. Best of luck. Be patient and don't push him too much.

Jun 25, 2009
Little Leo
by: Linda

Mary, your picture came through loud and clear, and I've saved it to my hard-drive so I can see him whenever I want to. His feathers look a little rough, and they will get smoother as he settles into new life with good food and good people. Your Grandson sounds like a wonderful person, and just don't be in too big of a hurry as Leo will come around in his own time. It is also very heartwarming to hear that everyone is supporting you in your project called LEO!

We are always here for you, so you are no longer alone which helps a lot.

Leo will get used to other people, and parrots view their cage as a sanctuary where they are safe, so he should be okay with visitors so long as he feels safe. You'll know when he is ready to be with others. Right now, he is afraid you will leave him like everyone else has, so he's not going to have that happen again. Eventually, he will come to understand that he is loved by several people and will smooth out and become a loving pet to your family. He needs to move at his own speed as he's not used to even having good food and water plus he has you. These things are new to him, and he lives in fear of losing everything and everyone again. Sounds like you and family understand where his poor little head may be right now.

Such a beautiful baby, and God bless you and yours as God's light shines out of Leo's eyes all the time, and you and family will be richly blessed for taking care of one of God's children.

Linda and Family

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