mosquito protection

by Patti Gish
(Concord, Ca.)

What is the best method to protect my bird from mosquito's? I am quite concerned about west nile.

Thanks, Patti

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Aug 04, 2009
Mosquito protection for birds
by: The Vet

Keep him indoors, especially during mosquito season; Cover his travel cage with mosquito netting; work to eliminate mosquitoes in your yard, like removing small standing water and encourage bats to live in your yard by putting up bat boxes.

Dr B

Aug 03, 2009
by: Linda

Patti, the best protection is to keep them inside either in the house or on a screened-in porch. There is no kind of repellent you can use that is safe for birds. If bird is outside, buy some of the flexible nylon screening material and make a cover for cage. Of course, a lot of parrots will chew holes in it, so you could make a wooden frame and put the screening onto the frame and put bird's cage into that.Those disks you see offered to put around in bird's living areas are also not good for birds. Basically any chemical they are forced to inhale is dangerous.

West Nile has just about run its course, but there are a lot of diseases that are blood borne like AIDS, Hepatitis, blood parasites, and other diseases, parasites and infections that are carried in the blood. You don't want mosquitos or flies biting your bird.

If your husband is handy with a saw, hammer, staples and such, you could build a little shelter in which to put your bird's cage when outside or on the porch. If you have a porch, it would be nice to close it in with screening.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but please stay away from all kinds of pesticides with your bird. Don't even put any on yourself or in your home if you have birds as the particles and chemcial smell gets into the very air you and bird are breathing. Use what we use, and that is the always handy flyswatter. We go around and check ceilings every night before bed just to make sure one of the blood sucking vampires has not found its way in.


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