moth type bugs

I just purchased a sun conure parrot. I brought the bird home and noticed moth looking insects flying around the cage. We also got the cage from the same people. I'm new to parrots and don't know if a bird can carry bugs. I also have a cockatiel that has no problems. If it is the parrot what can I do to get rid of them without hurting the bird. Thank you.

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Mar 22, 2008
Moth Bugs
by: A'Lona


If you are feeding your Sun seeds instead of pellets then what you can do to make sure the moth bugs are not going to be a problem is freeze your seed for 3 to 4 days. This will kill any moth's and their eggs or larva.

I also suggest getting the Sun on a pellet diet. Zupreem Parrot Conure fruit blend is what we feed our Sun's and then we offer them some seed balls and a mixture called Fruit to Nuts for treats which they love. Our Vet highly recommends the Zupreem as it has alot of the vitamins that your Sun will need.
Hope this helps...

A'Lona B Thrasher

Editors note: Pellets with artificial dyes are hard on the birds kidneys. Avian vets usually advise pellets without dyes and I personally suggest without chemicals too.

Mar 18, 2008
Seed Moths
by: Tracie


Birds do not have problems with moths. The moths are probably coming from the seed in the cage. Clean the cage thoroughly and then put in fresh seed.

To get rid of the moths, you will need to purchase pantry moth traps. You must keep them away from places you bird will go. They have sticky insides that your bird will get stuck in.

Please try to convert your bird to either a pellet or fresh organic food diet with seeds as a treat. You can find an article about this in our Parrot Training files.

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