Mother has feathers worn off around eyes, inflamation

by the Julles
(Downtown Houston, Texas)

I have a hen with two 3-week-old chicks. Her face around the eyes is devoid of feathers, from the diligent feeding by her mate and abrasion from his beak. This has been going on at least a week, perhaps more, gradually loosing more and more feathers. The father's face is fine.

But today I noticed definate inflamation around the right eye.

Perhaps it's not due to abrasion but some other problem?? I see no signs of mites. All other birds in nearby cages are fine.

Is it something I can treat myself?

Have called the vet and can get an appointment, but I sure hate to part her from her chicks. The father is good about feeding the kids. But, still, 3 weeks is pretty young to take the mother away for a couple hours.

She is spending a little less time in with the chicks than she did when they were littler. The father does feed them at times, and they seem well fed and happy. They are dirtier than my other clutches, though, not from poop but from food slopped all over their beaks and bodies.

Thanks for any help!

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Jul 09, 2011
Bird missing feathers
by: The Avian Vet

What kind of birds are these?

You should take her to see an avian veterinarian. The father can manage for a short time. If not, then you can pull the clutch and hand feed them.

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Dr B

Jul 08, 2011
Mother has feathers worn off around eyes, inflamation
by: Linda

What is going on with the hen sounds like either an infection of the bacterial or fungal kind or a parasite. Take the hen AND the babies into see the Avian vet because whatever their mother has, they also have whether it's infection or parasites. Also, you can take babies out for short periods to clean them up with damp cotton washcloths. Use another washcloth or two to make sure they are dried quickly and put back in nest so they do not become chilled.

There are no over the counter remedies that work for infections or parasites. Always get medicines for your birds from an Avian Vet only. This way, you know what you are giving or using is what is indicated for the particular infection or condition.

Thanks for writing and let us know what avian vet has to say about all this,

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P.S. Dr B will also answer this eventually

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