Motion sickness in my Cockatoo

by Amy

I have a Sulfur-Crested who gets sick when we take him for his grooming. The poor guy is sick for the rest of the day after a 10 minute car ride. Is there anything we can give him? a nibble of ginseng root, perhaps?

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Jan 24, 2011
Bird with motion sickness
by: The Avian Vet

You could try not feeding him for 1-2 hours before taking him on the car trip. You could try covering him, or not covering him if you already cover him. You should not give the ginseng without knowing a dose amount that is safe. I do not use it so I cannot give you that information.

Dr B

Jan 20, 2011
by: Anonymous

Motion sickness is very common in eclectus parrots but not so common in other parrot species. Those who have problems with motion sickness use fresh ginger very successfully. You can give him ginger as a regular part of his daily food, sliced, diced, however he might like it. Or you can give him ginger about 3 days before he's due to travel.

If he won't eat fresh ginger you can soak some in his water, make a tea out of it & replace his water with this or grate it finely & add it to his food. I have never had problems giving my birds ginger, they all like it in some way & my ekkies motion sickness goes if he gets ginger a few days before any trips.

"Ginger tea (2 thin slices of fresh ginger in boiled water) is also great for travelling birds with motion sickness. I add thin slices of ginger to their sprout mixes every morning. I don't have a parrot in my house that doesn't like ginger! "

" Excellent to prevent motion sickness when parrots must travel. Use a few drops of ginger extract in the water, and slices of fresh ginger offered the night before the bird must travel. Very useful against nausea and regurgitation. "

The above quoted is from a couple of parrot websites as well.

Not sure if I can put the site names up.

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