Moustache parakeets together

by Melissa

Can you put a 4 month old moustache parakeet into a cage with a 1 year moustache parakeet?

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Feb 07, 2012
Putting parakeets together
by: Tracie

Only the birds can decide if they want to get along. You need to keep the birds in separate cages and let them out in a neutral place together each day.

If the birds get along on the same play stand or area, then put both birds on top of the cage you wish for them to share with the door open. (Stay VERY close the entire time in case they start fighting.) Put 2 food dishes and 2 water bottles in the cage. Put one of each on opposite sides of the cage so that each bird will have a dish and bottle.

Eventually the birds will go inside the cage for water and/or food. If they go in without fighting, then STILL keep the birds in separate cages for a few more days. Keep doing this every day, and if they get along then you can keep them in the same cage.

You can read how I did this with my conures on our Parrot Training page. The article is called, "Should I get another Green Cheek Conure?"

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