moving a parrot outdoors

by Rachel
(Gilbert, AZ)

I live in AZ and my parrot's been indoor bird for many years. He seemed so unhappy so I love him out on the patio under shade. Outside temperature is about 80*F in the morning, 98* in the afternoon, and 75* at night. Is this too much of a shock for my bird to be outdoor?

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May 31, 2010
Too hot outside for parrot
by: The Avian Vet

No, but you should not have him outside when it is 98 degrees. They over heat very easily.

Dr B

May 31, 2010
moving a parrot outdoors
by: Linda

Unless you are going to build a fully stocked aviary that has electricity to it for air circulation, a closed in area in the back for sleeping and getting in out of the cold and heat, NO YOU CANNOT PUT YOUR BIRD OUTSIDE. You are risking this bird's life by just "putting it outside" as a bird that has been in the house all its life cannot just be put outside as it will die from many causes. As Tracie said, there is the heat and cold factor, and birds cannot stand anymore than a 10 degree change in temperature without it happening over several seasons, and this means YEARS not days or weeks. The other concern is disease from wild birds, rodents, bugs of all kinds including blood sucking mosquitos.

If you are tired of having your bird in the house, then find it a good home with caring people who will take proper care of it. Your bird may need new toys or perches or even a larger cage. Usually enrichment in these forms will help with boredom. Most of all, your bird needs his human friend to care about and for him or her.

So, no you cannot put this bird outside, and what you doing now could result in bird becoming sick with pneumonia which is caused by either a bacteria or virus. Any kind of draft can cause this to happen, and it does not matter whether it is hot or cold. A draft is the most dangerous thing for birds, and this includes what we call cross drafts. Any kind of wind or air blowing on your bird will make it deathly ill.

As I said earlier, try to enrich your bird's environment with new toys, perches, maybe a larger cage and spending more time with him. If you do not wish to do any of these things, then get busy finding him a GOOD HOME NOT JUST ANY HOME. Good homes are hard to find, and anywhere he is going to live needs to be checked out by you in person. See where his cage will be, what kind of cage he'll be in and how these people live. Filthy houses and lazy people do not make good pet owners and end up killing whatever pet they have, so do be very careful here.A TRIP TO THE AVIAN VET TO SEE IF YOUR BIRD IS SICK WOULD BE A GREAT IDEA BECAUSE HE MAY APPEAR BORED BECAUSE HE IS SICK. Your commitment to your bird or any pet is to take care of them, and that means at least yearly trips to vets to make sure they are healthy and not harboring disease.

Thanks for writing, and bring your bird back into the house where he is safe as what you are doing sounds more like throwing him away than trying to help him. If I've somehow misunderstood, then forgive me, if not, get busy taking proper care of your bird because you are lucky to be able to have him in the first place.


May 31, 2010
Moving parrot to patio
by: Tracie

Gradual temperature changes are okay. The concerns I have are that the bird has shade it can go to 100% of the time, shelter from wind and rain, protection from other birds exposing it to disease and protection from mosquitoes and rodents.

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