Moving a Senegal

by Karen

Hi, My husband and I would like to move from Massachusetts to the Southwest and our main concern is moving our Senegal. We were thinking of renting an RV so we can keep him in his cage and somehow secure it.

Is it safe to move a bird this way? Will the motion or the change in enviornment affect him?

Our other option was moving to a closer location to limit the time he would be in the RV.

Than You.

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Oct 26, 2010
Moving a Senegal
by: Linda

Karen, birds are very easy to relocate and usually love the ride! Make sure his cage is secured flat on the floor with something on each side, front and back to keep him from sliding would be good. Be sure to not use items too tall or his air will be cut off.It's important that he see you all the time on this move.

We travelled from Portland, Oregon to NE Tennessee some years ago with 3 Amazon parrots, 2 cats and 3 large dogs. Well, let's say, that is the LAST time I do that, but we did do okay with everything. It is impossible to keep water in a bird's cage because the movement knocks it out, so be prepared to make a rest stop at least every 3 hours, put water in bird's bowl and relax for half an hour or so giving him time to drink. In summer, you'll also need to have a spray bottle with water to cool him off a bit. Make sure he is completely dry before using ANY air conditioning.

Also, take a large supply of water from where you are now and gradually mix new water with old water for at least a week. The reason for this is the same as for people who get upset stomachs from changing water on a trip. We bought some of the 5 gallon water containers at Wal Mart and filled them with water. Now, we had a ZOO we were moving, so you won't need that much water, just want you to have the idea.

Also, use no air conditioning or keep it on a very low setting and make sure bird is not under or next to any air vents in the vehicle. Air conditioning causes pneumonia with birds, so when you get to the SW, make sure he is not near any vents for winter or summer as a draft is a draft. In the vehicle, if you are coming up on any road work, make sure vents are closed and in the "circulate in-vehicle air" position. We had to do this quite a bit because of miles of new asphalt which would have killed our cats and birds who rode in the same vehicle.

Once you are in your new place, get him settled before you do anything else. Put him where he is out of the way and where he can at least hear what is going on. Our birds have a room of their own off the kitchen and were set up in a back bedroom when we first arrived so we could get boxes organized and all. Keep him out of harm's way at first until you have everything inside and somewhat out of the way. Also, you'll have to take him to Avian Vet for a health certificate so he can be moved across state lines. Sometimes they check and sometimes they don't, so don't take any chances.

Good Luck,

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