Moving Overseas with Eclectus

by Carol
(Ota, Japan)

I have an 8 month old female Eclectes and we may be moving from Japan to Oregon around next March. I am worried about the flight, it will not be non stop and worry about how this will affect her. Or if it is better to sell her here rather than take any risks.

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Sep 14, 2010
Moving Overseas with Eclectus
by: Linda

Carol, you will need to check with customs offices in Japan and the United States. I don't think you would have problems taking her out of Japan, and you may have some bringing her into the States as they usually require a quarantine period of no less than 30 days and no more than 45 days. If she has a signed Health Certificate from an Avian Vet, this may be waived. Before you make any further plans, please talk with someone at the US embassy in Japan and see how this will work. If she has to be quaranteened, it can be very hard on the birds, and not sure how they do it. Find out all you can about that and then go from there.

You can take you bird onto the plane in a small travel cage as carry-on if you decide to take her with you. Make sure your carry on cage is small enough so it can be stowed under your seat if necessary.

I'd look more into what kind of requirements there are going to be to bring her into the States, and then see if you wish to do it. I do know it will be hard on her to adjust to a new climate as Oregon is way different than Japan and is actually still quite cold and rainy in March. It may be in her best interests to find her a good home when it looks like you are going to make the move. Please do your best to find people who already know about parrots and the Eclectus in particular. Write down everything you can think of about her, and have her checked out by an Avian Vet in Japan BEFORE placing her in a new home, so she gets the best new start you can give her. Make sure people know where to buy her food and what fruit and veggies she likes plus what kinds of attention she needs. Do not rush on this part or she will suffer. Your ideal here is to find her a home with good people who are already very schooled in how to care for parrots and the Eclectus especially as their needs are somewhat different from other parrots.

Thanks for writing and I wish you a safe trip if you are coming to the US and that you make the best decision for your sweet bird.


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