Moving the Parrot

by Stephany
(Beirut, Lebanon)

Should Parrots always be kept in the same location? or is it the right thing to move his cage to different places?
How much time does it take for a parrot to get used to the environment and start talking??

Thank You

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Mar 19, 2012
moving the partot
by: cynthia

Hello. I think it is great to move them between areas. I often roll the bird cages from one room to another or have perches in other rooms for them. It is enrichment in many ways. But each bird is different. Some are really nervous. Eventually they will get comfortable when familiar with the different rooms. It helps to have the cage or perch next to walls of they feel more secure. Just judge the bird's demeanor. Nervous birds squat down and watch the sky. They won't relax and preen, etc. They pin their eyes and may bite. This is all fairly obvious info, I know. Some birds are just more nervous and easily scared. But I think exploring is great for most adjusted birds!!! The thing about birds is you can't force anything. Maybe try keeping to a schedule of moving the cage? Like, move it each night after work for an hour and then back. I do this with my cockateil as she goes in the bathroom on her perch with me for my bath. She knows the routine and is not afraid at all. I am NOT an expert. But i hv a lot of experience with aves. Some birds are neurotic and can't hsndle change :(. But never stop trying. :)

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