Mrs Bena A - what kind of parrot?

by Bena



i have a parrot but don't know what specie it is. could you help me figure it out. I have attached it's picture.


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Apr 27, 2010
by: Anonymous


She is definitely a female eclectus parrot & yes she looks rather scruffy. Her feathers should be shiny, smooth & not broken. Her feather condition could be due to poor diet, lack of bathing or serious health problem. You should try & get her too an avian vet. Eclectus parrots do very well on healthy human fresh foods & do poorly on only seed or pellets. This website: has a lot of information regarding the ecelctus diet. You read up on it & become familiar with what she should be eating. She should also have showers or bathing daily. This will help her feathers look better & will encourage her to look after them properly.

It's hard to tell what her beak is like from the picture. It should be very shiny & smooth. I am not sure if her beak is shiny or if it's just your camera flash that's made it look that way. If she has a shiny clean smooth beak then the feather condition may only be due to lack of bathing & care for her feathers. A dull rough beak in Eclectus parrots is an indication something more serious is wrong with their health.

Hope this helps.

Apr 26, 2010
Eclectus parrot picture
by: Tracie

The bird pictured in your parrot photo looks like a very scruffy Female Eclectus Parrot

I am not sure what kind of parrot foods are available in your country or if you have an avian vet in your area, but it appears that your bird needs some help.

Now that you know what kind of bird you have, please call breeders in your country and contact an avian vet to find out what food you can get in your country to make your bird healthier.

Here is our Find an Avian Vet page to get you started finding an avian vet.

Thanks for writing!

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