Mrs Foster - Conure quiet

My blue crowned conure seems quieter today than normal. She usually rushes to the cage when I approach for me to let her out and have a wander. She is standing on one let and her eyes look as though she's tired. When she's out of her cage she seems a bit brighter, she comes out alot because she is very tame. Could she be lonely as she was telling her reflection to 'come on' earlier?
If anyone has any advice it will be appreciated.
Thank you

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Jan 01, 2010
Mrs Foster - Conure quiet
by: Linda

There are many reasons why your bird may be quieter than usual. She could have not had a good night's sleep as in something bothered her during the night. She could also be tired because she stays up too late. Birds need about 12 hours of darkness in which to sleep each night. Birds usually need their sleep cage in another room besides the main family room as they will stay up as late as we do, which is usually too late for birds.

The other thing to consider is that she may be coming down with some kind of infection. If she continues to be tired, make an appointment with an Avian Vet in your driving area so she can have a checkup. We recommend at least yearly checkups with Avian Vet for birds, and this is especially important for the very young and those getting older.

As for being lonely, if you work all day, and she is alone all that time, she will be lonely, and the mirror just won't do since all she's seeing is a reflection of herself. If you decide to get another bird her size, please make sure it has its own cage, perches, food and toys. You can get the kind with the playtops so both birds could play together while being supervised. I recommend another conure about her size. Doesn't have to be the same species, just same size so there will be less chance of one of them getting accidentally hurt.

BEFORE YOU DO THAT, TAKE YOUR BIRD INTO AVIAN VET TO MAKE SURE SHE IS INFECTION FREE. ONCE YOU GET THE NEW BIRD, TAKE IT INTO AVIAN VET FOR A CHECKUP TOO. Keep the new bird in another room until it has been given a clean bill of health. Infections are highly contageous, and when one has something, the other will most likely have it too.

Keep us posted and thanks much for writing,

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