by Meredith

Hi! My teenage sun conure is showing a few lines on her beak and seems to be chewing more and more.

What should I be giving her to keep her beak trimmed/healthy?

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Oct 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

I would have my conure checked by an avian vet. Sometimes lines on a beak can signal liver problems.

Oct 13, 2010
by: Linda

Safe wooden toys will help a lot. Feeding a high quality organic pelleted diet will also help. Sometimes we also have to take our birds into Avian Vets for a beak trim if needed. Normally birds who have lots of safe wooden toys to chew on have no problems with overgrown beaks. Our Amazons have wooden toys and still have to have beaks trimmed a couple of times a year. They also eat healthy organic pellets. Sometimes beaks simply have to be groomed by an Avian Vet. NEVER clip bird's beak at home as they can bleed out from the beak if you were to cut too far up. Always take them to an Avian Vet for this too as regular dog and cat vets know nothing about treating or working with birds.

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