Mucus around bird's nares

just got my birds beak trimmed the groomers noticed mucus around my birds nostrils and that he has a soft beak tissue. ive noticed that recently, and only recently he's been very quiet and sleeps a lot. he still loves cuddling with me but could this be a sign of a respiratory infection?

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Mar 05, 2011
Mucus around nares
by: The Avian Vet

What kind of bird is this? I think that your bird has multiple nutritional deficiencies ? calcium and vitamin A are the main two based on your description. If you do not feed a diet that consists of 80% pellets like Harrison's, then your bird is going to have nutritional deficiencies. He is also showing symptoms of illness, in particular, being quiet and sleeping a lot.

Finally, the nasal discharge is an indication of upper respiratory disease. Your bird needs to be seen immediately by an avian veterinarian. Provide at home supportive care until you can get him in ? put him in a small cage with a heating pad on high to get the temperature up to 90-95┬║F; give him easy access to food and water under the heat.
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When he is well, then you will want to switch him to a better diet. Seeds are not a good diet even when supplemented. He needs to eat 80% pellets, 20% treats (unless he is a lory or an eclectus, or a budgie).

Dr B

Mar 04, 2011
Mucus around bird's nares
by: Linda

Yes, it is a sign of a possible respiratory infection, and there is also something else going on to create the soft beak situation.

A word of caution here. Never take your bird to a dog groomer to have either beak or nails trimmed because they are normally not trained in bird specific care and grooming and can do a lot of damage. Perhaps they are cutting the beak off too much when they trim, and this could be causing a problem with soft tissue. This is NOT normal under any circumstances and must be looked into. There are some virus infections that can cause similar problems, so do not wait any longer to provide your bird with proper medical services.

Take bird to an Avian Vet and have a thorough examination done including blood work to see if there is any problems with organs or if some other kind of problem shows up. Have a throat swab done to find a bacterial infection as the anal tests are very unreliable since there is always some kind of bacteria in the anal area.

You need to move on this very soon because your bird is sick and will not get well until he has been diagnosed and prescribed the correct meds in the correct dosages by a licensed and trained Avian Vet. Forget about dog and cat vets as they are not even licensed to examine your bird much less diagnose and treat it.

Thanks for writing and hope he is better soon.

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