Multiple bird owners (or Amazon owners), please read...I need advice!

by Kate

Amazon - Mo

Amazon - Mo

Hello! I have written on here a few times usually contributing some comments to other people when I feel I have some knowledge on, but now it is my turn where I feel I need some parrot advice! So here it goes:

I currently have an African Grey who I love to death, but lately have been thinking a lot about getting another bird in the house. Quick background...I used to work in a deluxe pet shop that sold parrots.

Here is where I was introduced to a 5 m/o Orange Wing/Blue Fronted Amazon we called Mo. When he came in the shop he was frantic with no handling experience. I worked with him everyday and he soon became hand tame. It would be me 5 days a week who would wake him in the mornings and be there all day socializing him with the other birds on the perches. He quickly learned to say "hello" and some funky noises I taught him such as the noise from a tongue roll and click, "booms" like bombs, meows like cat, barks like dog, and numerous whistles. I somehow even taught him when I say "Mo can I have a BIG kiss?!" he returns by making a BIG, LOUD smack kiss noise! He would get so excited making all these new learned noises he would fan out his tail feathers and wings, his eyes would dilate as he would "slide" back and forth on the perch and dance around. (looks somewhat like a mating display)

I soon realized he ONLY did this display for me, and I would be the only one who could get him going to talk and display for customers. It came to a point also where no one else could pick him up and he would be silent for everyone, until I walked up to the perch. He would get so excited and make every noise he knew!! I have found this enchanting how he has seemed to choose me as his primary friend.

Recently I left this job. I miss and think about Mo a lot and can't bear the thought of him going home to somebody who I wasn't able to talk to and tell them about all of his little quirks. He is almost a year old now. I recently went to visit and Mo is still available for sale. As soon as he saw me he fanned all out and jumped on my hand and started his crazy noises all over. Every other employee around me said "are you kidding me?! We still cant get him to do this like he does for you!!" So here I am..I left the shop that day thinking about Mo.

Is this just something I will get over or is it a friendship for life that I am crazy for not claiming? Would it be a bad idea considering I have a Grey who are sensitive birds as it is, I almost feel like I would be hurting her feelings if I brought a new bird into the house. Is it difficult to care for 2 highly intelligent birds? I sometimes also wonder what it would be like dealing with a hormonal Amazon. ::sigh:: Any advice out there on what I should do??

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Mar 02, 2012
by: Anonymous

most amazons bond with only 1 friend animal or person Mo seems to have made up his mind that he you are treasue him and go bring him home as he will live a long life being passsed around if you don't gool luck my friend is going on 50

Apr 04, 2011
I now have 3
by: Anonymous

I started with an abused mealy amazon named Gus - had him for 10 years and he is super clingy when I am home. Doesn't necessarily want to be handled, but wants me in the same room with him. Rescued a 14 year old male macaw -- and along with him came a 16 year old African Gray (which I wasn't expecting at all) in August of last year - I wondered if they would all get along. They are fine in the same room (after the prerequisite vet check and 2 week wait before adding them to the same room as Gus). I wasn't sure if Gus would feel abandoned because there were more to share the time with - but he actually I think enjoys the company when I am not home. The gray tells him to be quiet a lot - since Amazons are yakkers and I think she gets tired of the noise! It seems amazons have to be talking ALL THE TIME - before the two new kids I didn't realize it went on as much as it does!! Be prepared for the noise level to rise if you bring the amazon home.

As for hormonal displays by males -- at first I did get some displays from Gus - but I put him a night cage in a spare bedroom and put him on a strict light/dark schedule - the same all year around - he gets up between 6 and 6:30 a.m. depending on when I need to be at work and then goes to bed about 6:30 or 7 pm. I also do not let him on my shoulder for the same reason.

If you decide not to get him - whenever he goes to a new home, that person will take the time to build that bond with him as well and he will come around to them. Think about the time and attention both birds will need for their emotional health - as well as the financial needs one more bird will add - and it does add up. Will it be worth it? Only you can answer that question.

Apr 04, 2011
I have multiple birds
by: Jay

I have 2 African Greys, an umbrella Cockatoo, and 3 Senegal parrots. Is it hard to give the needed attention to all of them? Yes, some days are harder than others. Would I want to get rid of any of them? No. From the sound of your posting, I'd say get it.
Keep in mind, that you might never be able to have the two on your arm together, and you might need to switch off your attention.
Also, I would try to get the best price possible, by explaining to the manager that, it wasn't your intention while working there, but you made it a one person person bird. And that they should give you a discount because it would not be the same quality of pet for someone else.

Apr 03, 2011
Adding Amazon to African Grey in home
by: The Avian Vet

Is this just something you will get over yes, you would get over it eventually, but, if the bird means that much to you, then you may be ?crazy? for letting him go.

There is not way to predict how your bird is going to respond to a new bird. But he will likely adjust and do fine. He will even get to the place that he enjoys the company.

It requires more time, but I don?t consider it difficult. I have two greys and I am glad I do.

Hormonal Amazons can be challenging, but I find the good mostly outweighs the bad. These behaviors can be managed with handling techniques, proper caging, and knowing when they are going to happen. At least an Amazon will give you warning when he is going to be aggressive.

I cannot tell you what to do or not to do, but it sounds like you have a special relationship and those do not happen with every bird.

Dr B

Apr 03, 2011
Multiple bird owner
by: sarah

Hey after reading ur comment i feel i had to tell u my story..
I work at the rspca and recently started fostering an amozon blue fronted..
I own 2 african grays which were both rescues both very tame and loving.. I have now addopted the amozon who is now called kinky he also displayed the same traits has u say urs does so had to keep him.. has long has u think u can give time to both birds i think u should get him..
My 2 african grays have been fine I DONT LET THEM OUT TOGETHER THOUGH...

Apr 02, 2011
Multiple bird owners (or Amazon owners), please read...I need advice!
by: Linda

Well, I have walked in your shoes, and get Mo as soon as you can. Possibly the store owner will cut you some slack on price because he has bonded with you and is going to keep looking for you.

I have worked in several bird stores, and became bonded with a 30 year old Severe Macaw named Molly, at one of them. She was in store on consignment so owner would not help me with costs. I was already buying and nursing back to health a Blue Front Amazon hen who had been neglected to the point of near death. I contracted parrot fever while working there as owner would not take them to vet when sick. I caught it from a baby Green Wing Macaw I was handfeeding and almost died myself. I had to leave the job, and when I came in later to check on Molly, I was coldly informed she had died of psittacosis(parrot fever) she had caught from the Macaw. An entire row of birds died because owner refused to take any but the Macaw to the avian vet. My beautiful Molly was dead, and I still feel horrible about having to leave her to die in that miserable store!

Please don't make my mistake because you will never get over Mo. As for your sweet Grey female, she may enjoy having him around and learn a bunch of new sounds and words too. Make sure they both have separate cages and watch carefully anytime both are out of cages. Take as much time with her as with Mo, and let them both know they are loved and safe. Mo may be the one to act out once he sees you with another bird, so be ready for that. Two birds is twice as much mess and bother, so I cannot lie about that. I can also feel your heart has already made up your mind for you.

Since Mo has spent so much time in store with people breathing on him and around other birds, I recommend you take him to be examined for infections BEFORE he comes into your home. If he has any infections, he will bring them to your other bird, and then you'll have two vet bills. Have avian vet do a throat swab to check for bacterial infections and bloodwork to see what else may be there. Have him weighed and I suggest having his wings clipped. Just have the long primary flight feathers at the ends of each wing clipped as this will allow him to glide to the floor.

He will be so happy to be with you, you may have little or no problems with him and the Grey, but be watchful anytime they are outside cage at the same time and make sure the Grey's wings are also clipped.

YOUR heart says bring him home, and my broken heart says you need to. We are here for you anytime,plus you'll have your avian vet as well. If anything happens to him, you will never forgive yourself.I know I've not been able to and will always remember my sweet Molly as the one I should have rescued and could not.


Apr 02, 2011
Multiple bird owners
by: Anonymous

Go get the bird.. What are you waiting for.
The bird loves you and you love it.

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