Multiple Bird Recue questions

by C F

I am writing in hopes to get some help with my 4 birds. I have a 14 year old eclectus (who is a plucker and has a naked chest and under his wings) and a 15 and 12 year old moluccan cockatoos and a 7 year old blue and gold macaw.

I am struggling to find a food and treats that they will all eat and will do well on. All of my birds are recues (the ecletus is still considered a "foster bird" as I have not finalized his adoption yet) and they all came with different eating habits. None of the habits were good.

I have tried Zupreem pellets for the birds and they merely pick them up and throw them on the floor. (The dogs don't mind, I guess.) But it is getting costly to continue to buy foods they won't eat. The macaw came to me as a cheap seed junkie. It has taken me a long time to get her to even try the fresh food I offer the flock. The cockatoos taste items but never seems to really eat it.

Do you have any suggestions that I can try?

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Jun 28, 2008
Helping birds switch to pellets and eat healthy
by: The Vet

The best food to feed all of your birds is Harrison's pellets. Birds normally convert very easily to this food because they seem to like the taste. Other options are Totally Organics and Roudybush pellets. The hurdle is getting them to recognize that it is food. Tracie sent you a copy of my switching information, but I can summarize the important points for you here.

Put the new food (Harrison's) in a dish next to or near the highest perch in the cage. Be sure pellets are in this bowl at all times.

Have a second dish of pellets lower in the cage. Have a third dish that contains the usual food you feed them.

Take out all food except the pellets at bed time so when they get up in the morning only pellets are available.

Give only small amounts of their usual food - only a tablespoon.

If you can get one to eat it, the rest will copy that one.

Pretend you are eating the food. Take your birds out during meal times and get them used to eating what you do. Then pretend to eat the pellets and get their interest. Pass some pellets around to everyone in the flock including other people that live in the house with you.

To prevent throwing the food, only give a few kibbles at each feeding.

Hope this helps. Please let me know the progression and the hurdles you come to and I will counsel you through them. We need to do whatever it takes to get your birds eating right.

Dr B

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