multiple birds

I have a fancy green cheek. I spend as much time as I can with her, but I work long hours. Lately she has bee shredding her paper on the bottom of her cage with the appearance she is angry. Should I get her a companion? I am afraid if there is another bird she will not be a attached to me, but I am also concerned she will be lonely if I cant spend enough time.
Thanks for your time.

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Feb 23, 2012
Multiple birds
by: Tracie

I have two thoughts here. First, you need a better cage for the bird if the bird can get down to the poopy paper. Your bird will end up with a bacterial infection if allowed to run around in poop or bathe in a water dish that has had water for more than 3 hours, instead of using a Lixit water bottle.

If you are not there for the bird to feel like there is a flock that cares for it, then I suggest you purchase another bird to keep in another cage, so it will at least be able to have company. You might some day be able to keep them in a cage together, but it may take time for them to like each other.

We had two green cheeks that shared a cage, they were VERY cage territorial, meaning we could not put our hands in the cage, but they liked us when they came out of the cage.

I know you care about your bird, or you would not have written. So continue to think from your bird's perspective. If you were stripped away from the human world and put in a cage and cared for by a bird, came to love that bird, but that bird rarely spent time with you, you would be very lonely. You are that bird's flock, and they are meant to live in a flock not alone in a cage with no one to communicate with.

If you were to get another bird, you could get a side by side cage like our Split Level Cage so that they are near each other and can play on top together when you are home.

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