musk lorikeet vomiting

by jack
(albany auckland new zealand)

my musk lorikeet has started to vomit while we were away on our boat i am scared i need to know what to do

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Jan 15, 2012
more detail
by: Anonymous

he went away with us for 3 weeks he did it the most when the engines had started and we were moving this started after a few days of being on the boat and then she has benn doing it three days after we got back she is eating and drinking fine full of energy always wants to play doesnt seem like anything is wrong with him until he stars to vomit

thanks Jack

Jan 14, 2012
Lori vomiting
by: Anonymous

You didnt include allot of detail as to your bird's situation.

You said you're away on the boat? Does this mean you're out on the water and took the bird with you? Or you just go out on the boat for the day come home and find your bird vomited?

Did this start after your outtings on the boat?
Can you tell if the bird is eating properly? Clean his papers daily to ensure he's eating, especially if he's vomiting.

It's highly possible your bird got a hold of something toxic. Which is serious.

If the bird is out on the boat with you (as I know some people who take thier birds everywhere, even on the boat)animals can get motion sickness as well.

My Grey threw up after an hour and a half long car ride home from the aviary when we bought her. My vet said, after blood work and exam, that it was merely motion sickness from the long ride. That she was fine. She hasnt vomited since.

This is why I ask, did your bird go with you on the boat?

Either way, I would highly suggest that your have the bird seen by an avian vet to ensure that he is healthy. Possibly get blood work done as well. Birds need a yearly exam to have a long, happy, healthy life.

I wish you luck!

Jan 13, 2012
Sick bird vomiting
by: Tracie

I am sorry your bird is sick. Dr B has not been answering questions quickly, it has been over a week since he answered any questions. You do not have that kind of time. You need to Find an Avian Vet to examine your bird and prescribe a treatment.

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